Beautiful wooden floor in your renovated home

You can renovate an existing house and return the house to its old, traditional state. Older homes often have a rich past with special architectural styles, ornaments and parquet floors. Many of our customers want to modernize their home or restore their historic building to its traditional state, while at the same time providing their interior with a classic wooden floor with a modern twist. 

Wooden floor as the basis of interior design

A wooden floor often forms the basis of an interior and has a great impact on the perception of a space. In addition, wood fits well with the traditional appearance of the building.

The challenge here is to renovate the house in such a way that the traditional details of the old house are beautifully combined with a modern interior, especially when several parties are involved in the renovation or restoration of your home.

Interior architect

An interior architect is often asked to supervise the renovation and refurbishment of the home. Ideas are worked out by the architect and together with the client we look at which suppliers are most suitable for carrying out the assignment.

Uipkes has delivered many project floors and regularly collaborates with leading interior architects. Our experience with project management, quality control and our own team of highly experienced parquet installers are the main reasons that clients like to work with us.

Additional custom work

During the renovation, we can not only provide your old home with a beautiful wooden floor, but also carry out a lot of other work for you, so that you do not have to work with 10 different parties who all give their own interpretation to the assignment, which often does not benefit planning and unity in design.

For example, we can:

The advantage is that you always have one point of contact for all activities and schedules can be coordinated more easily.

Condition of the renovated house

Technical factors also play a major role. If you want to install a wooden floor in your existing home, it is important to map out the current state of the room in question.

Especially with a somewhat older home, due to adjustments and extensions, differences in the types of subfloors and sills, among other things, have often arisen.

If necessary, take a few photos of the subfloor so that we have a better picture of your subfloor during your visit to our showroom, so that we can give better advice.

Types of subfloors

Older homes often have a wooden floor. For renovations in which you choose to use underfloor heating, a gypsum fiber board can be placed on the supporting floor. The pipes of the underfloor heating can be routed in this. An alternative is to pour a floor onto this construction, but a construction calculation is recommended. If the poured floor is too heavy, you can choose to remove the beam floor in its entirety.

Around the 1970s people started using sand cement/concrete floors. The advantage here is that they were isolated more often. You can also mill the underfloor heating directly into the sand cement floor, so that you lose a minimum of height. Check carefully where any electricity and water pipes run through the floor.


To ensure that your new wooden floor fully matches the specifics of your home, we will be happy to visit you for a preliminary inspection approximately four weeks before the floor is delivered. During this appointment, we map out any adjustments to be made and additional precautions to be taken.

  • We measure the surfaces of the rooms in which the wooden floor will be installed.
  • We check the condition of and the moisture percentage of (new) subfloors by means of measurements.
  • We check the rooms for details, for example: grilles and shutters that need to be cut out

We discuss the possible consequences for the installation process with you, so that you know exactly what to expect.

Visit us for tailored advice

Do you want to know the best way to renovate your old home with a new wooden floor? Come by to talk about the possibilities and advice without obligation. We have a lot of experience and are happy to share our knowledge with you to achieve the best result. Check out our website or request a magazine to get more inspiration.