Wood flooring in the kitchen

Wood floors in the kitchen?

Yes, you can install a wooden floor in your kitchen!

And it's beautiful. Installing a wood floor in the kitchen creates a calm and united atmosphere, especially if the floor crosses over to the living room. A wooden floor is literally the foundation of the whole home.

When you choose to apply a different floor in the kitchen, it can actually emphasize that the kitchen is another room.


There are some key questions that we as wood flooring specialists regularly get in the showroom. Visitors that consider a wooden floor in the kitchen, usually have the following questions:

  • Can my wood floor be installed in combination with underfloor heating? (Yes!)
  • What color wood floor is best in my house? (See our color chart)
  • What kind of wood floor will I need? (99% of our customers opt for oak flooring)
  • Which installation patterns are available?

Oak Flooring in the Kitchen


Whether the kitchen or the wooden floor is placed first, depends on the design of your kitchen. For both situations is a good solution.


Does your kitchen have a baseboard? Then place your kitchen before installing the wood floor. Upon assembly, the kitchen will be installed at you desired 'working height', while you also take into account the total thickness of the floor. The thickness of the floor depends on the kind of floor you choose (the total thickness may vary between 12 and 35 mm). The kitchen skirting board can be fitted without adjustment after the wood floor has been installed. The pre-placement of the kitchen prevents damage to the newly laid, and finished wood floors.


If you have a kitchen without baseboard, meaning you can look underneath it, the wood floor should be installed before the kitchen is installed. It is essential to take into account some characteristics of installing a wooden floor:

  • The drying time of the oil applied to the wood floor is 2 days
  • The curing time is 14 days (do not cover, do not spill water). This does not apply to any pre-treated floorboards.

In this case it's wise to place the kitchen after 14 days due to the hardening of the oil.


Wood Kitchen Floor Maintenance

The kitchen floor is a common part of the house. Additional maintenance, compared to other rooms, should be taken into account. Our wooden floors are resistant to water, coffee, cola, beer and wine, and therefore these liquids do not constitute unnecessary risk. Also, the wooden floor in the kitchen can be easily maintained with the proper cleaning agents.

The only thing you must take into account is not to use aggressive cleaning agents for your wooden floor in the kitchen. Read more about taking care of your wood floor.