Wooden floors provide a natural look in the living room


The living room is often the largest room in a home and is usually taken as the starting point for choosing the type of floor, the installation pattern and the color of the floor covering for this and adjacent rooms.

A wooden floor gives the living room a luxurious and natural look that transcends any other type of floor in design, durability and living pleasure. A wooden floor in the living room will last a lifetime if you choose the right wood products and craftsmanship

Herringbone floor on underfloor heating installed in the living room

Quality of wood

The floor in the living room is used intensively by all family members. It is the place where everyone gathers for communal activities, such as watching TV, eating and conversations. Intensive use of a floor ensures that wear and tear occurs sooner. This applies to all types of floor coverings. If you want a wooden floor in the living room that will last a long time, it is important to choose good quality wood.

Uipkes supplies the best European oak from sustainably managed forests. A high-quality oak floor has the most beautiful wood drawings, the least wood effect and lasts a lifetime. The organic linseed oil we use provides a beautiful, natural finish that can take a beating, so that wear and tear occurs more slowly. The oil finish also ensures that the wooden floor is resistant to spills of liquids, such as water, coffee and wine.

Opnieuw schuren en oliën

The advantage of an oak floor in the living room is that you can always sand and oil the floor again after years of use for a fraction of the price of a new wooden floor. You also don't have to clear the living room for weeks or demolish the floor. You can sand and oil our top floors several times, making a wooden floor an excellent investment in the long term.

One of the 17 patterns of Uipkes is the herringbone pattern, installed in this living room on underfloor heating

Installation patterns

You can combine a wooden floor with any type of interior or living style. The wooden floor in the living room is usually taken as the starting point for the choice of installation pattern and color. At Uipkes you can choose from 17 different laying patterns and 90 unique colors. Most installation patterns are laid in the longitudinal direction of the living room. This also depends on the shape of your living room and the incidence of light. During a consultation and pre-inspection, we always look at what yields the best result.

Chevron floor installed in the color Noble White

Planks, Chevron or Herringbone pattern?

The most popular installation forms are the plank, chevron and herringbone pattern. A variation on the herringbone floor is the elbow pattern. The herringbone pattern is turned a quarter turn so that the lines of the floorboards run parallel to the living room. This gives a unique character to the floor, which you can combine with round or oval furniture to give contrast to the straight lines.

You can view more living room wood flooring pictures in different installation patterns.

Wooden herringbone floors installed in the living room without bevelled edge


We install chevron and herringbone floors mostly without bevelled edges. This gives the floor a modern look and also prevents dirt between the floorboards. The floor radiates more tranquility than when you highlight the individual floorboards with a bevelled edge.

From the living room, the wooden floor can be extended in adjacent rooms for unity in design

Extend wooden floors into adjacent rooms

You can also extend the installation pattern to areas adjacent to the living room, such as the kitchen and hallway. This allows you to create more unity in the design of the spaces, because the wooden floor connects each room.

The wooden floor was placed in the living room of an apartment in The Hague

Floating or glued installation?

The advantage of floating wooden floors in the living room is that you can reduce the impact sound. Since the living room is a busy space and there is a lot of walking movements, you can reduce the noise nuisance for the neighbors living below by installing a floating wooden floor.

The advantage of a glued floor is that it allows a combination with underfloor heating. Yes, wooden floors can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating, but only with the best wood products. Cheap wood is cheap because the growth process of the tree is accelerated and the drying time shortened. This makes cheap wooden floors unsuitable for a combination with underfloor heating, because these floor parts are damaged or 'work' more quickly.

We have been installing wooden floors on underfloor heating for over 25 years and the techniques and materials have only improved over time. Since we only use the best quality wood for our projects, a combination with underfloor heating is no problem at all. The feeling and appearance of wood on underfloor heating is definitely in a class of its own compared to laminate or PVC.


Light plank floor installed in the living room of an apartment

Tailored advice

Does a light or dark oak floor fit better in my living room? Which installation pattern best suits my living style? In our showroom you can receive free advice about your new wooden floor.

You can bring pictures of your living room to discuss ideas. It is possible to bring home wood samples to see what fits best in your living room. Our advisors have a lot of experience and actively think with you to realize your dream floor. We look forward to seeing you in one of our showrooms in Alphen, Amsterdam or Naarden.