New Build Homes

Installing wooden floorboards in a newly built house can often be done without problems: the house is already drying during construction.

Parquet flooring apartment


Our years of experience teaches us that we almost do not encounter any "too wet" new buildings anymore. To put an end to all uncertainty we will make a preliminary inspection about 3 to 4 weeks in advance, during which we will check the quality of the subfloor, the surface area, the relative humidity, the moisture content of the subfloor and all the details beforehand.


We would like to debunk the persistent misunderstanding that many problems arise with regard to building moisture and the installation of solid wood floors in new buildings and / or apartments. You can choose a solid wood floor for your new build home, provided you make the right preparations during the construction process.


It is important that the underfloor does not contain excess moisture when the wood floor is installed. If there is moisture, it is advisable to postpone laying and finishing until the residual moisture is removed from the new finishing floor. This process may be accelerated by using building dryers. In addition, it is important that all work, such as the kitchen placement, dyeing, tiling and stucco work, are completed before the floor is installed.

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