Heat Properties

Wood has a low specific heat, about half that of stone. This property makes wood feel warm quickly. Floors, walls and furniture quickly feel pleasant after turning on the heating, even if the stone wall behind it is still very cold. Because wood quickly assumes room temperature, a plank floor generally feels nice and warm.

Heat Radiation

Not only the type of wood you choose has an influence on the heat radiation, but also the color of the planks. There are various options with regard to heat insulation in combination with planks. Like all materials, wood expands when heated. However, the thermal expansion coefficient of wood is very low, so that this expansion can be neglected in practice. In addition, wood usually loses water when heated, so that it will shrink below the fiber saturation point. In practice, this shrinkage almost always exceeds the expansion due to heating. Even at high temperatures, wood will therefore still retain its shape, which is important in case of fire. Read more about underfloor heating under a wooden floor.