Modern oak wood floor


Oak wood is the most popular wood species for wood floors because of the natural and timeless character, the strength and hardness of oak and the many ways you can finish oak floorboards. Oak floors can be combined excellently with different interior designs and various types of houses.

A durable oak floor of Uipkes is made in the Netherlands in the color, shape and width that you like, so you will never have limited options.


Uipkes delivers oak floors in 90 different colors!

Oak floors are available in the form of solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring, and can be finished in several ways, so that the floor combines perfectly with your interior. The boards are also as herringbone floor available in various sizes and color finishes. See some examples of different colors below. Do you have special requirements for the color or finish of your oak floor? For questions you can always contact Uipkes.



White color

Nepal White

van Gogh white

Romantic White

Coral White

Noble White







Noble Grey

Old Grey

Mountain Grey

Heavenly Grey

Light Grey

Fog Grey



Modern Brown

Flaming Brown

Oriental Brown

Gothic Black

Deep Black

Jet Black


Oak Wood Herringbone Floor
Modern Oak Wood Floor
Oak wood floor The Hague


You can create wooden floorboards from many types of wood. Still, many people choose an oak floor because of its many benefits.


  1. Oak wood has a natural and timeless character which is why this wood species combines well with different types of interiors and houses.
  2. The low resistance (Rc-value) of oak makes this kind of wood suitable for a combination with underfloor heating.
  3. The strength and hardness of oak makes this wood suitable for engineered wood flooring (parquet flooring) and solid wood flooring.
  4. Oak wood is easy to work with and therefore suitable for all installation patterns.
  5. Oak floors can be delivered quickly in contrast to tropical hardwood.
  6. The costs of an oak floor are much lower than other (tropical) wood flooring options.
Dark Oak Floor
Dark Oak Wood Floor in the Kitchen
Herringbone Oak Floor in Alphen aan den Rijn


At Uipkes is customized installation of your floor possible. We know that customers often are looking for a beautiful smoked oak floor, oiled oak floors and oak floors that need to be installed in a difficult forms or situations.

As a specialist in the area of ​​oak wood floors Uipkes can meet all your needs. Everything is custom made, sanded and colored in our own planing mill.

We work for both individuals and architects and are happy to discuss your project to achieve the best results.


Use the floor mop as much as you like to clean the oak floor; you maintain your oak floor when you are mopping your floor with the soap we delivered with your oak floor. We will explain and show you how you can measure the humidity in the room of your oak floor and we will also give you get a hygrometer as a gift, so you can check if the relative humiity (RH) is good. It's that simple!

Read more about maintaining your oak floor

White Oak Floor Uipkes
Blossom White Oak Floor Uipkes
Colorado White Oak Floor Uipkes


We can deliver our Oak floor in different installation patterns:

In combination with the wide choice in colors, the possibilities to decorate your home or office to your liking are endless!




Uipkes sets high standards for the quality of its workforce and wood products. We only invest in products that are produced in an ecologically sound way and of great quality. This means we use wood that comes from certified sustainably managed forests, mainly in Europe.

Sustainable forest management means it is cut selectively: only those trees are cut which are really useful. For this, a new tree is planted on the site or seedlings are given the opportunity to take the place of the felled trees.

The better the quality and management of the forest, the better the quality of the oak wood from which the boards are produced. Lots of oak on the Dutch market comes from low-wage countries such as China, where less strict rules are maintained concerning the management of forests and the quality of the oak wood.

Uipkes chooses the best quality European wood available. A beautiful oak floor from Uipkes will last a lifetime! An oak floor is therefore a sustainable investment in your home and contributes greatly to a warm and pleasant living experience.

All wood floor that we supply are produced in a traditional planing mill in the Netherlands. We buy sustainably produced raw oak wood, already sawn and dried, from regular suppliers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Before we start the woodwork, we check whether the supplied wood has the right quality to be processed into high floorboards. If we are satisfied with the quality, we start the woodworking procedure in which boards are cut to size and colored. For more background information, see:




See below a few examples of oak floors and the price per m2 including laying and VAT. Would you like to buy an oak floor based on an example floor? Click on the photo and then click "Request quotation." You will then receive a free quote with all costs sent by email for your living situation.

For more examples, you can view all floor pictures. Want to know more about the possibilities, patterns, prices or colors? Then make an appointment!

Artistic Oak Chevron Floor - Noble Black - € 179,00 per m2

Oak Chevron Floor in Living Room

Oak wood floor - Bison Brown - € 115,00 per m2

Bison Brown Oak Floor in Living Room by Uipkes

Oak wood floor - Ivory White - € 115,00 per m2

Ivory White Oak Floor in Dining Room

Oak floor Haarlem - Old Grey - € 120,00 per m2

Old Grey Oak Floor in Bedroom Haarlem

Aged oak floor - Cappuccino - € 123,00 per m2

Cappuccino Old Oak Floor by Uipkes

Modern Oak floor - Blossom White - € 123,00 per m2

Blossom White Modern Oak Floor

Oak floor The Hague - Old Grey - € 123,00 per m2

Old Grey Oak Floor The Hague

French Oak - Wool White - € 154,00 per m2

Wool White French Oak Floor

Herringbone floor - Fresh White - € 157,00 per m2

Fresh White Herringbone Oak Floor in the Bathroom

Oak Herringbone - Light Grey - € 157,00 per m2

Light Grey Oak Floor in Living Room Utrecht

Oak floor Alphen a/d Rijn - Jet Black - € 157,00 per m2

Jet Black Oak Herringbone Flooring in Alphen aan den Rijn

French Oak Floor

French Oak Wood

French oak wood has a calm structure featured in the beautiful flame grain pattern of the wood. The so-called 'cat paws' (small tassels) are characterizing for French oak. This wood species has a more calm grain pattern compared to rustic oak, because there are fewer and smaller knots allowed.

Classic French Oak Floor

Classic French Oak Wood

Classique French oak is characterized by its yellow brown cognac color. The classic form of French oak has the busiest French oak grain pattern. This means that there are large knots and may also be areas of the heart of the tree to come in the grain pattern of the floorboards. This gives the oak floor an 'old' and exuberant character. Classique French oak is widely used in older homes and farms.

Rustic French Oak Floor

Rustic French Oak Wood

Rustic French oak floors treated with natural oils gives the home a contemporary, yet also a neutral character. This oak flooring we can be supplied in various colors, including smoked, smoked white or natural or black. So you can always choose a color that best suits the decor and feel of your living environment.

American Red Oak Floor

American Red Oak Wood

American red oak has a characteristic salmon shade. Due to its unique flamed markings, this type of wood is very popular in the United States and is frequently used in flooring and furniture.

American White Oak Wood Floor

American White Oak Wood

American white oak is characterized by its pale yellow-brown to medium-brown color. As the name says, it is more shining in color than French oak and American red oak.


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