Outdoor wooden floor of Ipé wood in combination with a swimming pool

Outdoor Wood Flooring

By installing a wooden floor outside you create a connection between the inside and outside of your home. At Uipkes Wood Flooring it is possible to create a terrace floor or to combine inside and outside wood flooring to create unique transitions.
wood plank floors of ipe wood in garden
Modern hardwood floorboards for outside have been installed on this balcony
wooden terrace floor made of Ipé wood
Wooden floorboards outside in beautiful garden of a villa

Types of wood and patterns for outdoor flooring

Outdoor wood flooring has undergone major developments in recent years. Whether it concerns a terrace floor or floor boards for a roof terrace / balcony. The terrace floors nowadays can be installed in various beautiful installation patterns: traditional plank wood flooring, herringbone floor and chevron floor. With the herringbone or chevron wood floor outside, you can immediately extend the rich and traditional atmosphere of these original installation patterns from inside your home to your terrace. The types of wood that are suitable as a terrace floor in the Netherlands are: Ipe, Teak and Padouk.


Herringbone parquet floorboards outside on a roof terrace in Amsterdam
Exterior balcony wooden floor under construction, on hardwood battens
Hardwood floorboards outside on a balcony in Amsterdam
Installing wooden floor outside on hardwood battens in a garden

Wooden floors for inside and outside your home

Uipkes can provide the complete package for you, both a wooden floor for indoors and outdoors. The installation is provided by our own experienced floor installers.

Wooden Terrace Floorboards Installed on Wooden Battens

Unique installation system

The outdoor wooden floors from Uipkes are installed using a system in which no screws and screw holes are visible. In addition, no open gaps are visible between the floorboards, so that no valuables can fall through them.

Outdoor wooden Floors can be finished in stylish ways at the edges

Stylish edge finish

The outside parquet can be finished in various ways at the edges. For example, it is possible to finish the edges round using special profiles. In total we can install 8 types of profiles.

Maintenance of a wooden floor for outside

A wooden floor for outdoor use requires maintenance to remain beautiful. Just like the wooden floors for indoors, we supply outdoor hardwood floors that require little maintenance.

Because the floor is subject to all weather influences, the wooden terrace floor must be cleaned from time to time. In addition, the floor can be treated with oil, but the floor must be maintained more often.

At Uipkes Wooden Flooring we can provide the service of maintaining the outdoor wooden floor for you. We will clean it and prepare it for the coming summer!


Movement of outdoor wooden floors

Wood is a natural product that absorbs and releases moisture from the environment. We also talk about 'working' wood. The extent to which wood works has to do with the relative humidity. To ensure that the effect of the outdoor parquet is minimal, ventilation under the terrace is important. We take this into account when laying the floorboards.

Wooden floor outside after cleaning

Wooden Floors outside and green deposits

Because wooden outdoor floors are exposed to the weather, green deposits can form on the surface of the floorboards. You can easily remove the green deposits by brushing away the coarse dirt and then treating the wood with a special cleaning agent. Afterwards your outdoor floor will look beautiful again.

Would you like to know more about wooden floor outside?

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