Connecting Oak herringbone floor to stairs with wooden stair covering

Wooden stairs

Over the years, in addition to laying beautiful floors, Uipkes has gained a lot of experience in covering or completely renovating stairs and supplying new wooden steps in the same color as the floor.
The existing z staircase is covered with light Oak steps
Complete staircase with wood in warm color Saddle brown
Staircase renovation with wooden steps


Do you have a beautiful historic building or a more modern house with ditto stairs? And do you want this to match the color of your new wood flooring to create a cohesive and symbiotic flow throughout your home? When you buy wood flooring from Uipkes we give you the option to renovate your staircase with hardwood stair treads in the same color finish as your floor.

Every staircase renovation is a custom project. The installation of wood stairs treads and risers is almost always possible with the required craftsmanship that Uipkes can provide. That way you will have a gorgeous staircase matching your beautiful wooden floor.

Wooden staircase leading to sunken living room


There are some great advantages to staircase renovation in combination with  wood flooring:

  1. Your hardwood stairscase will exactly match the color and wood of your floor.
  2. You save money on materials and man hours by ordering your floor and staircase renovation at the same time.
  3. The steps can be placed on almost any surface (concrete/metal or wood).
  4. You save time because all activities can be planned with one company and you don't have to deal with several contact persons of multiple companies.
  5. You can customize your wood flooring and staircase renovation accoring to your wishes. If you want certain wood details in both your stairs and wood flooring, we can make that happen. For example: a herringbone or chevron pattern floor that transitions to steps into a sunken living room.
  6. Worn stair treads can easily be renovated/filled and then covered with beautiful oak steps. This means that you don't need to place a new staircase.
Open wooden staircase in living room


When you acquire an engineered oak floor we can renovate the stairs with beautiful oak hardwood treads in the same color oil finish. This makes the staircase completely resistant to dirt and liquids and easy to clean by sweeping or mopping it. The oak stair treads are made up to 45 mm thick in any desired width and depth. We advise you about the possibilities and indicate the expected costs in advance. For extra safety we can place an anti slip strip in the step.

We have extensive experience in renovating and installation of wood flooring on several steps such as straight stairs, L shaped stairs, spiral staircases, open and closed stairs.

Closed staircase

The closed staircase ensures that the heat in the room can be retained. Both the steps and risers can be covered. Any twists in the stairs can be incorporated into the steps. In addition, the risers can be painted in any desired color to create contrast with the wood. In the presence of squat slats, usually with stairs that were made before 1970, you can choose to fill them out on the riser, so that the bar is concealed and you have a visually higher riser.

Block stairs

With a block staircase, the steps and risers are glued at an angle of 90 degrees. These can be covered with beautiful oak steps. If there is a cheek/upstanding part on one of the sides, we can cover it with wood.

Open stairs

An open step creates a spacious appearance. In addition, an open staircase provides more light. The steps can be completely covered with Oak wood all around. To create contrast, you can also opt for just covering the top and the front/back view, the bottom can be painted in the color of the stairs.

Z stairs

For a modern, sleek look, you can opt for a "Z staircase". The riser and the steps are placed at an oblique angle. The Z stairs can be fitted with Oak steps. For a tight connection, the transfer steps and the riser can be finished with a stair nose. The advantage of a Z staircase is that there are often no overhangs, and the steps are usually somewhat wider. The oak can be sawn tightly against the (plastered) wall, and the steps can also be seamlessly processed around the stair string (post around which the stairs revolve).

Solid Oak steps

In addition to covering the stairs, we supply and install stair steps made of solid oak. Suitable for, among other things, a spiral staircase or stairs with an existing frame. The solid steps vary in thickness from 30 / 40 mm and are made of Oak wood. The solid Oak steps are treated all around in one of our 90 colours. The steps can be treated in our workshop so that they do not need to dry after installation.

Treating Oak stairs

If there is already an Oak staircase in the house or if you have chosen for a new Oak staircase, we can treat the staircase in one of Uipkes 90 unique colors. Before the stairs are installed, we can treat them in our workshop so that the steps don't need to dry after installation. Discuss the possibilities during a consultation in the showroom.


Would you like to know more about the options for stair coverings? Come to one of our showrooms in Amsterdam, Alphen or Naarden-Vesting for a conversation about combining a wooden floor with a staircase renovation. During a showroom appointment, you can show us photos of your home and staircase, so that we can give you tailor-made advice for your situation.

L shaped staircase with wooden steps
Staircase renovation multiple floors
Complete staircase renovation including banister and bars


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