Wood Species Uipkes

Wood species

Uipkes can provide wooden floors in over twenty types of solid wood. In addition, we provide engineered floors in various wood species that are very suitable for underfloor heating or cooling. The most popular wood type for a wooden floor is oak wood. Read more about the benefits of oak flooring.

Wood species and options

We can provide wooden floors in various widths from 14 to 38 cm for aged solid wood floors or a wide herringbone pattern floor. All of these floors can be delivered in 90 different colors, so you can customize your floor to match your interior design style. There numerous possibilities to create the floor of your dreams. However, the wood type is always the basis.

See below for a first impression of the types of wood and finishes we provide. For more information and advice, we would like to invite you to visit our showroom. 

Classic French Oak Wood

Classique French oak is characterized by its yellow brown cognac color. The classic form of French oak has the busiest French oak grain pattern. This means that there are large knots and may also be areas of the heart of the tree to come in the grain pattern of the floorboards. This gives the oak floor an 'old' and exuberant character. Classique French oak is widely used in older homes and farms.

French Oak Wood

French oak wood has a calm structure featured in the beautiful flame grain pattern of the wood. The so-called 'cat paws' (small tassels) are characterizing for French oak. This wood species has a more calm grain pattern compared to rustic oak, because there are fewer and smaller knots allowed.

Rustic French Oak Wood

Rustic French oak floors treated with natural oils gives the home a contemporary, yet also a neutral character. This oak flooring we can be supplied in various colors, including smoked, smoked white or natural or black. So you can always choose a color that best suits the decor and feel of your living environment.

American Red Oak Wood

American red oak has a characteristic salmon shade. Due to its unique flamed markings, this type of wood is very popular in the United States and is frequently used in flooring and furniture.

American Cherry Wood

American cherry wood is characterized by its warm appearance and has a light to dark reddish color.

Hard Maple Wood

Hard maple grows in North America and Canada and is characterized by its white to creamy appearance. It is a light wood with a very tight wood drawing.

Ipe Greenheart

Ipe Greenheart is a very elastic wood that is extremely strong and hard. This makes it ideal for floors.

Jatoba Wood

Jatoba (Hymenaea courbaril) is a wood species that is common in South America and the Caribbean. This wood is used for both floors and furniture.

Merbau Wood

Merbau is a very tight wood type, which has hardly any irregularities.

Muiracatiara Wood

Muiracatiara (tiger wood) is a particularly beautiful wood type. Muiracatiara's wooden floors are also called South American cherry wood.

Padouk Wood

Padouk wooden floors are excellent, durable, beautiful and stable floors.

Pitch Pine Wood

Pitch pine wood floors have a clear flame drawing. The wood is strong and resinous.


Curupixa is a tropical species of wood from the Amazon region in Brazil. It is a wood that is characterized by its various colors.

Sipo Mahogany Wood

Sipo Mahogany wooden floors are of a quiet mahogany type that can be used for wood flooring due to a stable moisture content.

Sucipira Preta Wood

Sucupira Preta is a wood type that originates from South America, mainly Brazil and Suriname.