Curupixa is a tropical species of wood from the Amazon region in Brazil. It is a wood that is characterized by its various colors.


Possibilities Curupixa

Curupixa is a wood that is characterized by its various colors, ranging from soft pink to light reddish brown. Robin wood hardly shows any drawing; Wood nuts and brushes are limited. The subtle drawing and color shades ensure that the wood is suitable for various interiors.

Curupixa is a softer wood type than oak and is prone to discoloration after installing the floor, so it is advisable not to put a carpet on the floor after installing it.

A Curupixa floor can be finished in several ways, for example with oil or lacquer. If you use lacquer, the floor will retain Curupixa's natural appearance. If you want a more darker color, the Curupixa floor can be treated with oil.