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To ensure adequate protection for your wood floors against external influences like liquids and dirt, your floor is treated with oil which is available in many colors. We specialize in wide range of custom colors for your floors. The possibilities are infinite. Please take a sample photo with you so we can create the floor you like.


Are you looking for a wood floor color that perfectly matches your interior? In our showrooms we can present a wide variety of color swatches.


Uipkes Wood Flooring uses Corcol oil. Some characteristics of this oil are:

  • Corcol oil is made from 100% natural materials (wood line and oil).
  • It is easy to apply.
  • Gives good protection (against water and stains).
  • Durable and easy to repair.
  • Low maintenance.

"It is possible to mix colors as you desire so that the wooden floors matches your preferences perfectly."

By means of a color pigment, it is possible to "color" an oak floor.
The floor gets a warm and natural look and does not shimmer. An oil-treated floor can be installed both floating and fixed with adhesive. The floor can be finished at the location where it is installed.


When the coating of the floor are applied three layers of lacquer. Lacquer has the following features:

  • Waterborne, low odor and therefore safe.
  • Matte look under every "angle".
  • High wear resistance.
  • Permanently elastic.
  • Permanently crystal clear.
  • Easy to process.
  • Fast drying.

A lacquer-treated floor must always be installed fixed with adhesive. For tropical hardwoods the lacquer creates a natural look.


French or European oak is a wood species that is easy to 'smoke'. Smoking is done with ammonia. In the space where the floor is to be installed, we put trays with ammonia. The ammonia vapors enter a reaction with the tannic acid, which is located within the oak. Due to this chemical reaction, the tannic acid will disappear out of the wood so that the natural color becomes darker and the surface more irregular. This also results in the drawing of the grain becoming more visible.

"The duration of the smoking process ranges from 2 hours to 8 hours."

The duration of the smoking process ranges from 2 hours to 8 hours. This is depends on the used (concentrated) ammonia. The degree of coloration depends on the percentage of tannic acid which is present in the oak. After the floor is smoked, it can be finished with oil, and optionally, an oil color pigment. Always make sure that the floor is well sanded and free of dust before starting your work on finishing or maintaining wood floors.

Each floor, irrespective of the wood species, has to be finished. If no protective layer is present, the wood will pollute and will be affected by liquids, like tea, coffee or wine. Also, cleanin an untreated wood is practically impossible. It is possible to get floor parts that are treated and ready-made at the factory. This makes installing it yourself easier. A floor finished at location requires an additional 48 hours of drying time. In our showroom we like to show you our wood floors and the different finishes so you can make an informed choice.