Wood flooring installation methods

Wooden floorboards can be installed in different ways. A floating floor feels like a real wood floor, while a glued floor has a much more heavy sound.

Glued or floating installation methods

Wooden floorboards can be installed in different ways, depending on the application. For example, if you want a wooden floor with underfloor heating or in an apartment, we can arrange that. In general, the terms floating and glued are used. Both installation methods are perfectly suitable for small and large areas. A floating floor feels more like a real wood floor, while a glued version has a much more heavy sound. Engineered floors on an epoxy floor is extremely suitable for underfloor heating. A floating floor can be used perfectly in apartments with sufficient noise reduction.

Wooden floor glued directly on the subfloor

Glued directly

The engineered wood floor is glued directly to the epoxy moisture shield.

Wooden floor floating on battens

Floating on battens

The battens connect the wood floorboards.

wooden floor floating on fowm underlay

Floating on foam overlay

Suitable for installing engineered wood floors.

Wooden floor glued on particle board

Glued on particle board

The solid hardwood floorboards are glued and nailed to the subfloor.

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