Concrete subfloors are widely used in residential construction and are sometimes provided with a wear layer. In short: sand cement floors are an excellent base for any wooden floor.


Our wooden floors can be placed on virtually all floors. Each subfloormust be permanently dry, hard, flat, clean and well-bearing.

A concrete floor is a little less moisture sensitive than an anhydrite screed subfloor. A concrete floor is moisture-resistant and the pores are more spacious than anhydrite floors. This property ensures that moisture coming from the construction floor evaporates faster. The open structure also makes the concrete floor lighter. In the case of a sand cement floor, a residual moisture content is generally required of up to 2.0%.

During the preliminary inspection, which we will carry out after the purchase of a floor, it will become clear whether it is necessary to use a primer.

'a primer improves the adhesion of your base floor.'


Of course we can install and finish your wooden floor. If you prefer to do this work yourself, you can do this by following these steps:

  • Glue the intermediate floor on the sand cement floor. Use particle board slices of 15 × 20 cm, 12 mm thick and glue them with dispersion glue (Mk 80 or equivalent product, the glue temperature is at least 15 ºC). Note: If you have applied a primer on the floor, after the drying time, glue the particle board with two-component glue instead of dispersion glue!
  • Apply the glue layer regularly with a new 100 gram glue comb, use approximately 1.2 kg per m2.
  • Keep ± 20mm away from walls
  • Place the particle board right at the straight direction.
  • Drop the particle board 50% apart.
  • The glue drying time is 12 hours, do not walk over it in the meantime.
  • Sand the intermediate surface with a parquet sanding machine (grain 24) and use a edge sanding machine (also grain 24) for the sides.
  • Then proceed with the glued installation of the wooden floor parts on the particleboard partition.
  • Finally finish the floor with the desired oil or lacquer.