Our wooden floors can be installed over existing tiled floors.


Our wooden floors can be installed on virtually all floors. Every subfloor must be level, permanently dry, firm, free of cracks, dust, dirt and adhesion-inhibiting substances.

A tile floor can be used as a subfloor if the tiles are flat, in good condition and with no difference in height. If you want to glue the wooden floor, you must prime the floor. When you choose for a floating floor, only a foil is sufficient. We will always inspect your subfloor at your home so that you receive the best advice from us.

Does your current floor consist of tiles that do not have a flat surface or are not straightened? Then it is advisable to first remove the differences in height. Liquid egaline is a mixture of cement and water that is poured over the floor and dries quickly. By distributing the substance evenly with a chip, the desired thickness is achieved. A layer of 3mm egaline is usually sufficient to get the floor even. After 24 hours the floor is reworkable.


Of course, we can place and finish the wooden floor for you. This will take place in the following steps:

  • Uipkes always visits you for a preliminary inspection in preparation for the work to be carried out.
  • First, degrease the existing 'old' tiles with a cleaner then rinse with water
  • Afterwards, roughen the existing tile floor if necessary with grain 24, then vacuum clean.
  • Prime the roughened floor.
  • Then glue the wooden floor with a glue comb to properly fill the possible height differences.
  • The total height becomes 16 mm including primer and product.
  • Uipkes can provide you with the products and do all the work for you. We give 5 years CBW warranty (within The Netherlands)