A wooden subfloor forms a good base for your new wooden floor, provided the wood is in good condition and the floor is even./wooden-floor-installation/subfloors/wooden-subfloor/wooden-floor-installation/subfloors/wooden-subfloor


Our wooden floors can be placed on virtually all floors. Each subfloor must be permanently dry, hard, flat, clean and well-bearing. It is possible to glue your new wooden floor by placing a layer of rubberoid as a moisture barrier under a particleboard floor and install the wooden floor over it. You can also place foil over the existing wooden floor and install your wooden flooring on it.

During the preliminary inspection, which we will carry out in your home or business after purchasing a wooden floor, it becomes clear whether it is necessary to make your subfloor more even. In addition, we would like to advise you about the different methods of installation and the finishing.


Of course we can install and finish the new wooden floor for you. If you prefer to do this work yourself, you can do this by following these steps:

  • Punch existing nails and ensure that a solid, flat, crack-free workfloor is created.
  • Check the creep space ventilation; Ventilation openings must be present in the facades.
  • Check the condition of the floor and, if necessary, replace the rotting or broken floorboards.
  • Remove existing skirting boards: be careful not to damage the wall when removing the skirting board.
  • Roll out the rubberroid over the floor and make sure the joints connect but do not overlap.
  • Lay particle board slabs of 125 × 82.5 cm and 12 mm thick over the floor and screw them through the rubberroid to the work floor with screws of approximately 40 mm long, 4 mm thick (screws are placed every 30 cm).
  • Keep ± 20 mm away from the walls.
  • Install the boards at right angles or diagonals to the wooden floor to be installed and let them flip 50%.
  • Sand the differences in height with an edged sanding machine (grain 24).
  • Finally finish the floor with the desired oil or lacquer.