You may mop the floor as often as you want, as you will simultaneously be taking care of it. When you buy a wood floor at Uipkes, we also provide you with information on the humidity levels. You will receive a complementary humidity meter, allowing you to keep tabs on the humidity of your room. It really is this easy. Below, you find a maintenance manual that will allow you to keep your floor in peak condition with minimal effort..

If, after years of intensive use, the wooden floor shows signs of wear and damage that cannot be remedied with mopping or the use of maintenance oil, you can choose to have your wooden floor sanded and treated with oil or lacquer, so that your floor looks like new again.


Wood is an all-natural product that has been chopped and artificially dried, after which it can be used in a heated room. Wood does absorb moisture and releases it under influence of the room's humidity. These changes cause the volume of your flooring to vary (mostly in width). These changes in volume occur less frequently in a room that maintains a constant humidity.  You can measure the room's humidity by installing a calibrated hygrometer, to be hung on an inner wall at eye-level. Please take care to hang the hygrometer in a place that is not affected by sunlight of drafts. During the 'heater season' when temperatures drop below zero, a room's humidity may be very low (< 40%), which can cause your flooring to shrink. If this is the case, a humidifier combined with the hygrometer will provide ample solution.

‘Wood absorbs moisture and releases it under influence of the room's humidity’

During the year's wetter periods (especially during spring and autumn), the humidity can rise above 75%. If this happens, you should dehumidify your room, either by heating the room or by using a dehumidifier for an extensive period of time. The most optimal conditions, for both you and your solid wood flooring and furniture, would be a constant humidity of 55%, with a 15% drop in winter and a 15% rise in summer (even without you present).

Please note: If your wood floor has laid in too dry a room during winter, it will absorb more moisture when the humidity goes up in summer. This will cause the floor to expand too much.


In order to enjoy your flooring for as long as possible, whether its finished with an oil or lacquer finish, we advise you to regularly hoover and clean your floor with the products you find in your maintenance kit. Add Clien-Z (oiled flooring) or Clean Gloss (lacquered flooring) to your lather before mopping to clean and maintain your flooring at the same time.

‘In order to enjoy your floor for as long as possible, we advise you to regularly hoover and clean your floor with the products you find in your maintenance kit.’

When proper care is administered to your floor, the life expectancy of both flooring and finish will increase. The parts that are most heavily used and therefore exposed to the most wear can be touched up. Lacquered flooring will show less wear, but cannot be touched up and usually must be completely sanded down and lacquered again. In order to prolong the life expectancy of your floors we advise you to place a doormat behind doors to prevent dirt on your floors. You should also place furniture, such as tables and chairs, on coasters to prevent scratches and other damage. Desk chairs can be fitted with wheels that are suited for use on wood floors.


Our flooris and finishings are of such quality that allows for the solid hardwood floors, the aged wood floors and engineered wood floors to be used in the kitchen.The flooring is resistant to spills of all liquids, with the exception of biting and agressive substances such as ammonia. Typically, the kitchen is prone to more wear and tear than other rooms, especially around the counters. Kitchen flooring therefore requires more maintenance, in the form of applying a layer of protective oil twice annually.

‘Wood is an all-natural product that has been chopped and artificially dried, after which it can be used in a heated room’


Over the course of several months or a year of use wear and tear will slowly become more visible, depending on how heavily the oak floor is used. Wear can be recognised by grey markings that appear in places you often walk, sit or stand on. We advise you to clean your flooring with Clien-Z, rinsed it thoroughly with water and let it dry for about three hours. We then advise you to apply a protective layer of Revol maintenance/repair oil.

In applying Revol maintenance/repair oil it is of import to apply the oil as thinly as possible by using a non-fluffy cloth. We advise you to treat small surfaces at a time, wiping off excess oil 10 minutes after application, after which the flooring must be polished using a clean cloth until flooring shows no shining parts. Any excess Revol will dry in approximately 12 hours, after which  it can only be removed by sanding down your flooring Please do not mop your flooring within 14 days after you have treated it with Revol.


Revol maintenance/repair oil is flamable. Cloths used in applying Revol must be dried for at least 24 hours after use. Before throwing these cloths out, soak cloths in water to prevent fire hazards due to scalding!