Wood Flooring

Wood flooring

Wood flooring specialist Martin Uipkes: "Wood is organic, durable and has a warm appearance. In nature you experience wide open spaces, beauty and harmony. We help people to create this feeling in their personal spaces with beautiful wooden floors, whether it is a home or office in The Netherlands or abroad. I wish you lots of inspiration with our website: a sensory experience that shows what we as a company stand for."

oak flooring in herringbone pattern
engineered wood floor

Pure Craftsmanship

The people at Uipkes love creative challenges and have more than 20 years experience in giving personal advice and skillfully install wooden floors in many patterns. Proper finishing and detailing of wooden floors are essential to achieve a harmonious and tight result.

parquet flooring in chevron pattern
herringbone floor

Expert Advice

I would like to buy a wooden floor, but what color, installation pattern and wood sorting suits my interior and the atmosphere I want to create in my home or office? We can answer these kind of personal questions during a free consultation in one of our showrooms in Alphen aan den Rijn or Amsterdam.

Green oak wood ladder pattern floor
oak wood flooring

Price Quote

Uipkes is clear about the cost of a wooden floor and for each project, large or small, we use the same high quality materials and experienced wood flooring installers. Through our website you can easily request a free quote containing the total costs for your floor (within The Netherlands) including installation costs and taxes. You will receive an exact price quote 24/7 directly by e-mail. Try it now!

herringbone pattern floor in the living room
light oak wood floor in France
wood flooring in the bedroom

Wood Flooring Colors

Do you have a specific color in mind for your new wooden floor or are you looking for inspiration? Uipkes Wood Flooring has developed 90 unique colors for wooden floors, which you can order from us in every type of wood species you like. We can email you a quote for a wooden floor in the color of your choice within a minute.  In addition to these 90 standard wood flooring colors, we can develop new, custom colors for your wooden floors, free of charge!

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Underfloor Heating

A common question in our showroom is: can you combine underfloor heating with wood flooring? Yes, underfloor heating and wooden floors can be applied successfully in your home or office with the right timber and trusted craftsmanship. The wooden floors are available in many colors, widths and installation patterns.

Underfloor heating & wood flooring

Herringbone Floors

Herringbone wood flooring: a classic floor with a modern twist. Large floorboards in herringbone pattern are the trend in 2017. A herringbone floor with wide, sturdy wooden planks gives your home a modern and warm appearance. Solid oak wood herringbone floors can be installed effectively in all areas of your home.

Herringbone pattern wood flooring

Wood Flooring Pictures

On a regular basis we take pictures of the wooden floors that have been supplied and installed by us in homes and office in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. Let yourself be inspired by our wood flooring examples. Do you see a wooden floor that you like? You can request a quote based on the sample floor without any obligations. We will send you a quote immediately by email.

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Oak Flooring

Oak wood is one of the most popular wood species for wooden floors in The Netherlands because of its natural and timeless character, the strength and the hardness of oak wood. There are many ways to finish oak floors in terms of color, installation pattern and width. Oak floors are ideal for a combination with underfloor heating. All sustainable oak floors are made by Uipkes in the Netherlands and available in solid hardwood and engineered wood.

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Wood Flooring Projects

Uipkes regularly carries out large projects for both private individuals and businesses. Besides excellent craftsmanship, large wood flooring projects require good planning, project management and collaboration with other professionals involved, such as architects. Here you can view some examples of beautiful offices, stores and monumental buildings where we can show you our true expertise in the field of wood flooring.

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