Uipkes wooden floors supplies custom wooden floors in various patterns, such as the herringbone, Chevron pattern and plank floors

Uipkes Wood Flooring

Wood is alive, sustainable and provides a warm atmosphere in every home. It’s a remarkable product of nature that is easy to work with and stimulates all the senses. The smell, sound, unique wood drawing and the warm feeling have made wood a very popular material to manufacture houses, furniture and floors for centuries. Wood is, in addition to wool and cork, one of the few sustainable and recyclable raw materials that are suitable for use as a floor covering. Wooden floors are a feast for the eyes, will last a lifetime and only become more beautiful over the years. If desired, they can always be sanded and finished again.

Wooden floors bring the space and tranquility of nature into your interior and give your room a warm and chic character that is unique compared to other types of floor coverings. By playing with the type of wood, color finish, installation pattern and plank widths, you can create custom wooden floors that match the atmosphere you want to create in your home. The possibilities are endless and on our website you can see many examples of wooden floors for inspiration.

Brown Chevron wood floor on underfloor heating

Wooden floors on underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a pleasure and a warming experience, especially in combination with the natural feeling of wood. Fortunately, wooden floors and underfloor heating go well together for years. Uipkes specializes in laying beautiful wooden floors on underfloor heating or floor cooling. Feel free to choose between the different installation patterns, colors and widths.

Uipkes is a full service wooden floors specialist with over 25 years of experience

Full service wooden floors specialist

Uipkes® is a full service wooden floor specialist with over 25 years of experience in supplying and installing wooden floors, often in combination with underfloor heating. The love for wood of our own parquet installers is not limited to floors. We can also supply outdoor parquet or clad your stairs with wood in the same color as your floor or take care of wood detailing such as architraves and nits. This way you can make beautiful transitions and create unity in design in combination with your wooden floor.

Wooden floors can be installed in the Chevron pattern

Chevron Floors

Wooden floors can be installed in different installation patterns. We can install wooden floors in 17 different patterns. A special pattern is the chevron pattern. The floor parts are installed at an angle of 45° or 60° and connect at the top. This creates a so-called 'sergeant stripe' that gives an authentic look to the floor. Chevron wooden floors really give every room a refined and elegant look.

The herringbone pattern is one of the installation patterns of wooden floors

Herringbone Floors

The wooden floor in herringbone pattern is an absolute classic, but with a modern twist. By using wide planks, the herringbone floor gets a whole new look and feel. With a wooden herringbone floor, planks are placed against each other at an angle of 90 degrees, creating a motif that resembles a herringbone. By varying the color and plank widths, you can make the floor pattern stand out less in a room, or, on the contrary, make it more present in a living space. An oak herringbone parquet floor can also be combined well with underfloor heating.

Plank wooden floors is one the oldest type of floorings

Planks Floors

Wooden plank floors are modern and timeless and one of the oldest types of floor coverings in existence. This installation pattern is powerful because of its simplicity, so that more attention is drawn towards the beauty of the wood drawings. That is why this is the most well-known and applied pattern for wooden floors and parquet. Extra wide wooden floorboards make the plank floor appear majestic and modern.

Wooden floors are a real investment in your house, especially for the Chevron pattern floor

Wood flooring prices

Clarity is of great importance for a great wooden floor service and that is why we give you a price indication:

an oak floor in any desired Uipkes® color, including pre-inspection, subfloor, glue/materials, installation service, VAT and a 5-year warranty from € 128, = per m2.

We use organic linseed oil for color finishing and protection of your wooden floors. Oil gives the wooden floor a more natural look and is more durable compared to waxing or varnishing wooden floors.

Do you only want to buy custom finished wooden floorboards and install the floor yourself? That is also possible. Unique, finished wooden floorboards ready to install are available from € 89,= including VAT per m2. We can ship our products worldwide.

Wooden floors installed in the herringbone pattern is one of the options you can experience in the showroom of Uipkes Wood Flooring

Showroom visit

Our working method is aimed at unburdening you and guiding you through every step of the process to achieve the best result. This starts with a consultation in one of our showrooms in Alphen, Amsterdam or Naarden. You will always receive tailor-made advice from us, which we will send to you by e-mail. In our showrooms you can experience our wooden floors in different installation patterns and colours. It is possible to receive sample boards or wood samples, so that you can compare at your leisure which wooden floor suits you best.

If you live outside The Netherlands, you can plan a videocall with us. Your custom finished floor parts, ready for installation, can be shipped worldwide by Uipkes®.

Wooden floors can be installed in the bathroom


Yes, you can also install a wooden floor in the bathroom! An oak engineered wood floor finished with oil can be used in the bathroom to create beautiful transitions. Parquet floors hardly shrink or expand on contact with water or high humidity compared to solid wood floors. In this way you can also apply the natural feeling of wooden floors in special rooms such as the bathroom.

Wooden floors in the chevron pattern are suitable for installation in the kitchen


The installation of a wooden floor in the kitchen and living room ensures unity in design. The kitchen floor is a frequently used part of the house, so you have to take the additional maintenance into account. Our wooden floors are resistant to water, coffee, cola, beer and wine and therefore pose no unnecessary risk. Regular vacuuming and mopping with wooden floor soap is enough to keep the kitchen floor in top condition.

Wooden floor in herringbone pattern installed in the living room of a beautiful house in The Hague

Living room

The living room is often the largest room in a home. Wooden floors determine the atmosphere and character in the living room and adjacent rooms, such as the kitchen and hall. You can also extend wooden floors to the other rooms to add even more unity and tranquility to the design.

The installation pattern and color of the wooden floors in the living room should match the style of the interior in order to create harmony. With 90 handmade colours, 17 patterns and various plank sizes, you can design your own exclusive wooden floors at Uipkes and also have them installed by our experienced parquet fitters.

Wooden floors can be installed in apartmentes with the required noise reduction


Can you put a wooden floor in an apartment? Yes, of course! In some cases you are bound by the noise standard that is set by the Owners' Association or by the relevant housing cooperative. We help you so that you meet their standards. We can install a wooden floor in your apartment without any problems, because we use a subfloor and floating installation technique that can reduce impact noise by 11 dB.

Uipkes Wood Flooring deliveres custom made floors for your project

Project floors

In recent years, Uipkes has built up extensive experience in managing and executing large wood flooring projects in offices, shops and restaurants in various cities in The Netherlands and abroad.

We realize these projects in collaboration with renowned interior architects and project developers who have strict requirements regarding delivery, quality, planning and execution.