As specialists in wood flooring we combine knowledge, expert advice and artisan craftmanship in all aspects of our company. We oversee the entire production process, from the purchase of the raw material to installing the final flooring. This allows us to offer you the highest possible quality and guarantee you will be able to enjoy your floor for years. Our floors can be delivered ready to install in one of our many available colors, or it can be installed by us, all according to your desires.


Found the solid wood floor or engineered floor and coloring that completes your interior perfectly? We provide the sale and delivery that is entirely tailored to your desires.


First, we conduct an inspection in advance in oder to provide you with the smoothest delivery process possible. We will visit you to conduct this inspection in advance about four weeks before your floor is delivered to you. During this inspection, we check the following:

  • We re-measure the floor's surface.
  • We check the relative level of moisture.
  • We measure the room's temperature.
  • We check the percentage of moisture in the subfloor and reference this to the applicable guidelines.
  • We check the condition of the subfloor; if your subfloor is glued we will test the compounds of a concrete screed.

Final details

Thanks to our years of experience we have developed a keen eye for the desires of our customers and we look forward to hearing your ideas, so that we can find the floor that fits your needs. We prefer to discuss the final details in your home.

During our visit we take the time to answer any questions you may have and we discuss your desires when it comes to installing the floor, taking into account any additional work. Our flooring can be installed and finished by one of our qualified parquet installers, who can provide you with detailed advise and instructions regarding the care for your floor. Of course, installing your floor yourself is possible using our manual (Dutch). In both cases we will visit your home four weeks before delivery to conduct our inspection in advance and to discuss the final details. A three year warranty is included and we do not require any deposits in advance. We require payment upon delivery of the floor. If you decide to have the floor installed by us, payment for installing the floor is required upon completion.

‘Our flooring can be installed and finished by one of our qualified parquet installers.’

purchase and delivery wood flooring uipkes


Uipkes Wood Flooring delivers floors (from 30 m²) for free within The Netherlands (excluding the Wadden Sea Islands). We have various types of wood available in stock. If we have to order your desired floor and you wish to install it yourself, delivery takes up one to three weeks. If you wish your floor to be installed for you, delivery time is about three to eight weeks. It is possible to change dates for delivery and installing up to four weeks in advance, after that changing dates is no longer possible.


All wood flooring delivered by us is manufactured per commission of Uipkes Wood Flooring. At the planing mill, rough boards are worked into floorboards that are easy to install for both the 'professional' and the 'do it yourself worker". The wooden floors you purchase with us are delivered with a five year CBW warranty within The Netherlands, whether you choose to install your floor yourself or commission us to do it for you.