Wooden floors in dining room, kitchen and living room The Hague

26 Aug 2022
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White herringbone floor in the dining room in a house in The Hague.
White herringbone floor in the dining room in a house in The Hague.
Foto: Uipkes

In a 1930s building in The Hague, Uipkes installed a beautiful white wooden floor in a herringbone pattern in the dining room, kitchen and living room. The residents have opted for a rustic French oak herringbone floor with planks of 160/800 mm. The floor is finished in one of Uipkes' 90 unique colours: Van Gogh White.

Modern herringbone oak floor in a 1930s house in The Hague.

Dining Room

The herringbone floor is placed without a band, which gives the wooden floor a modern look. The furniture and artwork enhance the modern look of the dining room. The skylight in combination with the white floor makes the space a pleasant and light environment to enjoy a meal.

Van Gogh White herringbone wooden floor in the kitchen in The Hague.


The floor has also been laid in the adjacent kitchen. Because the floor is finished with environmentally friendly linseed oil, it is resistant to external influences, such as dirt, water, coffee and other liquids. The high-quality engineered wood flooring ensures that planks do not work, so that the residents can enjoy their floor for years.

Herringbone parquet floor in the living room of a 1930s house in The Hague.

Living Room

The herringbone pattern is laid in the longitudinal direction of the living room. The living room, as the largest and most central space, is often taken as the starting point for the installation direction. Medium wooden floorboards of 160/800 mm have been chosen in this house in The Hague. A herringbone floor is available at Uipkes in plank sizes from 100/500mm to 280/1400mm. There is always a factor of 5 difference between the width and length of herringbone floorboards. In this house with long rooms, this medium plank size fits perfectly.

The larger the planks, the more modern the look, because classic herringbone floors consist of small planks and are usually finished with a band and feature strip.

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