Milling underfloor heating in an anhydrite floor

In addition to installing a new wooden floor, Uipkes can unburden you throughout the entire process by installing and connecting the underfloor heating for you. You can also purchase underfloor heating as a separate service from us. For example, we remove the existing floor, mill the slots and install the underfloor heating in the anhydrite floor. Finally we place the wooden floor on underfloor heating when it has been installed. You have one point of contact who takes care of project management for all activities.

Removing the existing floor

Existing floors such as wood, tiles, PVC, carpet. We will professionally remove and dispose of linoleum or laminate. If desired, we can level the floor to create a flat screed and thus prepare it for milling the underfloor heating and installing the new wooden floor. Once the leveling compound has been applied, it will have to dry for 1 day. the floor heating can be milled in the next day.

Existing heating

Existing heating can in many cases be omitted when underfloor heating is chosen as the main heating. Existing radiators and convector wells are closed and removed. Disconnection can be done by a plumber in consultation.

We can close a convector pit. In this case we remove the box/pit completely. If it is bricked, it will remain in place. We cut out the screed around the tank/pit. Underlayment plates are placed on this, which we pour down with repair mortar. The repair mortar should be allowed to dry for a day for full hardness.

Milling underfloor heating in anhydrite floors

With an anhydrite subfloor as the basis, we mill the slots with a special floor milling machine to a depth of approximately 17 mm. With main heating, we keep the distance between the slots at 10-12.5 cm center to center. The slots are milled in a snail shell pattern. In this case, a warm (supply) and cold (return) pipe are located next to each other. This ensures a good distribution of heat in the room. Thanks to a special dust extraction, milling is done as dust-free as possible. After the slots have been milled, plastic pipes with a width of 14 or 16 mm are placed in the slots.

Approximately 8 - 10 square meters of floor heating can be installed per underfloor heating group. Sufficient capacity is generated in this case. For a space of approximately 50m2, approximately 5 groups will be needed.

The pipes of each group are connected to the distribution station, which is connected to the heat source. In order to put the underfloor heating into operation, a supply, return pipe and socket must be present near the distributor. If necessary, Uipkes can supply a plumber who will take care of this work.

After this, the system can be tested, the pipes are fixed in the bends. As a result, the pipes remain in the slots during filling. It is important that the slots are filled with an epoxy, diluted with the grinding dust or a special flexible filling mortar. The material must be able to expand and contract with the heat of the pipes.

If you opt for a wooden floor, the slots must never be filled with tile adhesive. The tile adhesive will break due to temperature differences in combination with the stresses of the wooden floor. The epoxy is made by means of a trowel spread across the floor. The filling will be evenly distributed in the slots for a flat finish.

Price indication

For the cost indication we have assumed an example of 50 square meters

  • The costs of removing and disposing of the existing finishing floor (depending on the floor type) are from € 15,-/m2 including VAT.
  • Leveling screed: an investment of approximately € 21,-/m2 incl VAT. (material and labor)
  • For milling in the underfloor heating, placing the pipes, placing the distribution station, lubricating the trenches and connecting the pipes to the distribution station, the investment (based on 50m2) amounts to an investment of approximately € 3150. ,- including VAT.
  • Installing a wooden floor is from € 126 per square meter. Costs vary depending on the pattern. The herringbone and chevron pattern floors are more expensive than a straight pattern plank floor.

Project lead time

The entire project from removing the existing floor to installing underfloor heating and replacing furniture takes approximately 7 - 21 days (based on 50 m2).

The following distribution can be used in this:

  • Remove existing floor approx. 1 day.
  • Milling and installation of the underfloor heating about 1 day. (provided preparations have been made)
  • Placing the wooden floor, including the treatment, approx. 3 days. The floor must then dry for 2 days.

Have floor heating milled in Anhydrite?

Do you want to have underfloor heating milled in anhydrite or install underfloor heating in a different type of subfloor? Please note that we only install underfloor heating in combination of the purchase of a new wooden floor at Uipkes. Make an appointment in one of our showrooms to coordinate the project and view our beautiful wooden floors.