Uipkes Wood Flooring supplies various types of parquet. This is an engineered floor (layered floor) available with various toppings and suitable for underfloor heating. You cannot see from the surface whether it is a solid wood floor or parquet. The top layer comes from the same tree and is sawn, dried and planed in a durable wood processing company in the Netherlands, so we can provide you always with the best quality parquet flooring in one of our gorgeous color finishes.

Handmade engineered oak floor straight pattern Pearl White

What is engineered wood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring or parquet flooring is a collective name for wooden floors that are composed of several layers. The top layer, also called visible side or wear layer, consists of solid wood. The base layer or underside can be made from a cross-glued plywood.

Uipkes' layered floor consists of two layers: a solid wooden top layer of 2, 4 or 6mm. The base layer or underside is made of a cross-glued Birch plywood. The layers are glued together water-tight and compressed under great pressure into a whole.

Engineered wood floors or multiplank?

The term Engineered wooden floors can also refer to layered floors that mainly come from China. These slat planks are often cheaper laminated planks with 3 layers, which are often less sustainably produced:

The top layer is sometimes composed of several oak species and made of sapwood, so that the wood drawing can be less beautiful.
The base layer is made of transverse wooden slats, the quality of which is less than Birch plywood.
Finally, the glue that is used is often not very resistant to water, which means that layers can peel off over time. These are all factors that influence the lifespan and quality of the Engineered wood floor.


The top layer generally consists of oak but is also available in other types of wood, such as ruby, jatoba or walnut. We can supply oak parquet with top layers of 3 mm, 4 mm or 6 mm. This choice only exists in oak.

The oak top layer is available from Uipkes in 3 wood grades:

  • French Oak: the oak parquet floorboards contain beautiful flame patterns and a minimal number of knots. Suitable for sleek, modern living spaces.
  • Rustic French Oak / Rustic A: the oak parquet floorboards contain slightly more knots. You get the look of an authentic wooden floor, but the wood drawing is not too busy for the eye
  • Classique French Oak: for the primal enthusiast: an oak parquet floor with many knots. A classique French oak floor contains everything an oak tree has to offer: unlimited sapwood, wormholes, head and body cracks and heart.

Our oak floors are available in no fewer than 90 custom colours.

Lamelparket visgraat vloer in een histortisch pand. De gehele woning is voorzien van een Uipkes houten vloer

Advantages of Uipkes® Engineered Wood Flooring

Our engineered oak floors Vincent, Floor and Robin have many advantages over other types of wooden floors and floor coverings:

  • Birch plywood is a very stable carrier and ensures that engineered wood floors are excellently suited for underfloor heating or floor cooling, unlike solid wooden floors. The stable base layer ensures that the effect of the wood is minimal. In addition, Uipkes' layered floors have a low resistance (Rc).
  • This parquet floor can be installed floating. As a result, a noise reduction of at least 11 dB is achieved, making parquet flooring also suitable for apartments that must meet a noise standard. In some cases it is even possible to move a parquet floor or to reuse a large part of the floorboards, which is useful for rental properties. For this, some floorboards must be reworked to create a new tongue and groove.
  • Oak engineered floors from Uipkes with a top layer of 3 mm or larger can be sanded again and finished with oil. So the floor will last a lifetime!
  • Oak parquet requires less deciduous wood than solid wood floors and is therefore better for the environment. At the top of the floorboards you cannot see whether it is a solid wooden floor or parquet flooring, because both consist of solid (oak) wood.
  • Engineered wood is cheaper than a solid wood floor because with parquet only the top layer consists of solid wood.
  • There is hardly any effect of wood (warping, swelling due to moisture) due to the bottom layer of cross-glued birch plywood, in contrast to a solid wooden floor.
  • Engineered wood flooring is not a laminate or wood-look PVC and consists of real wood with unique wood patterns. Laminate consists of several layers, with the top layer and bottom layer consisting of plastic and intermediate layers of printed paper and wood fibers (wood look print). Wood look PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic floor with a wood look print. The disadvantage of laminate and PVC is that there is a limited number of wood look prints, so you have many floorboards with exactly the same print. This does not occur with a parquet floor because nature provides unique wood drawings.

Parquet with or without bevelled edge

You can choose to install parquet floorboards with or without a bevelled edge. The slanted edge on the long side of the slat board, at an angle of 45°, is called the chamfer or V-seam. When you lay planks against each other, the V-seam is created, creating the effect of lines around each plank and accentuating each floor part.

With a bevelled edge, the floor looks a lot busier and your attention is drawn to the accents on the floor. This is a more classic wood floor look. For a modern, sleek look, you can choose floorboards without a bevelled edge. It is even possible to saw the floorboards without skirting boards, flush against the wall, which makes the whole even more modern. The choice depends on taste and what atmosphere you want to create in your home.

Would you like to buy an engineered wood floor? Visit one of our showrooms to view examples and for customized advice.

Engineered wooden floor Vincent

Engineered Floor 'VINCENT'

Vincent is a multi-layered oak board of 16 mm thick and a total of up to 28 cm wide with a top layer of 4 mm wood. This top layer can be sanded down at least three times so that you have an oak floor that lasts at least 50 years when used in a normal way.

The floor is made in the Netherlands as you would like the product. The top layer consists of an average mix oak sorting and can be supplied in a choice of several colors. Reduction of the amount of material has resulted in a favorable price performance ratio, which, however, does not come at the expense of the appearance. Would you like to combine this wood floor with underfloor heating? Vincent is very suitable to be used in combination with underfloor heating.

Herringbone engineered wooden floor Vincent

Herringbone Engineered Floor 'VINCENT'

Engineered floor "Vincent" is very suitable to put in a herringbone pattern or Chevron pattern (Hungarian point). This Herringbone floor of a layered board (Vincent) is, by the dimensions, the new version of the original herringbone floor. For example, the parts can be supplied in widths of 10, 12, 14,16 or 18 cm and in different lengths, so that the floor looks modern and robust, however, with a nod to the classic parquet pattern. We deliver these oak parquet floors in dozens of different colors.

This floor is suitable for use with underfloor heating as main heating or cooling floor. Uipkes Wood Flooring is a specialist in installing engineered wood floors with underfloor heating and has more than fifteen years of experience in this area.

Engineered wooden floor Fleur

Engineered Floor 'FLEUR'

'Fleur' is an engineered floor of 18 cm wide finished with a solid oak top layer of 3 mm. The base layer consists of plywood. Parquet Fleur is available in three colors. Combined with the natural structure of the oak it can be constructed with a specific character, from modern to classic.

Fleur is a budget friendly engineered floor, ideal for bedrooms.

Engineered wooden floor Robin

Engineered Floor 'ROBIN'

'Robin' is a layered board which most closely resembles a massive floorboard and is 20 mm thick. The layered boards are crafted with an oak surface layer in three grades. You can also opt for another top layer, such as Jatoba, Ruby or Nutwood. The look varies, depending on the top layer, from very rustic to sleek modern. Because the finishing of the boards happens during production, so before installing the floor, you can walk on the floor directly (no drying time). This is sometimes crucial for businesses and stores. The parquet flooring can be delivered widely in many colors, up to 38 cm.

Engineered floor Robin is especially suitable for use in the kitchen, living room or and even your bathroom. The floor has a good resistance to liquids. You can mop your floor everyday without damaging the floor. Robin parquet floor is therefore a simple in use. See our tips on how to maintain your parquet flooring.

Engineered Wood Floor Costs

The price of engineered floors depends on various factors. Keep this in mind if you want to buy a wooden floor:

  • The first factor is the country of manufacture. Does the floor come from a so-called 'low-wage country' or is it made in the Netherlands?
  • What type of wood is the visible side of the slatted board made of: a softer type of wood or perhaps a more exclusive type of wood?
  • The sheet material from which the top layer is built can be produced from many different underlayers. Do you buy a board made from waste or do you use a suitable top layer made of sustainable materials with the most beautiful wood pattern?
  • The thickness of the top layer of the parquet floor is an important price-distinctive factor.
  • The width and length of the floorboards strongly influence the price.
  • How many knots are there or not in the floor? The sorting of wood, such as French oakrustic French oak or classique French oak, is a price factor.

All the factors mentioned above influence the price of parquet flooring. You can put together unique, finished parquet floorboards and have them shipped ready for installation or collected from our warehouse from € 89,- per m2, including VAT. Would you rather outsource the laying of the parquet floor to our own experienced parquet installers? An oak parquet floor of the best quality in any desired Uipkes® colour, including pre-inspection, subfloor, glue/materials, laying service and a 5-year warranty, is available from € 128,- per m2 including VAT.

All the factors mentioned above affect the price of parquet flooring. If you want to know more or if you have any questions about our products, you can contact us. We are happy to talk to you!