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Do you want to buy a wooden floor, but do you have no idea why prices between providers vary so much? Below you will find information about how the price of a wooden floor is realized and what you need to pay attention to when comparing prices. For more information on buying a wooden floor including installation by Uipkes: see our photos of wooden floors and the color overview. Do you see a floor that you like? Request a quote and receive an e-mail with a full list of prices!
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Buying a durable wooden floor is not always a simple process. When searching online for a wooden floor price per m2 you will see a lot of differences per provider. How come these prices so different? Below are 7 factors that affect the costs of a wooden floor.

sustainable forest management


The first factor that affects the price is the type of wood you choose. Planks of European woods, such as French oak, are generally cheaper than tropical hardwoods, such as jatoba and black kabbes. Each type of wood has its own characteristics and wood drawing and the final choice is a matter of taste, budget and application. For busy areas, for example, you can use a harder wood type that is more resistant to possible damages. Oak wood is the most popular wood in The Netherlands for a wooden floor. Oak floors provide excellent durability for a good price.

Wood Flooring Color Finishes


Wooden floors are available as solid hardwood floors or as an engineered wood floor. Prices for solid wood floors are higher than engineered floors, because multilayer engineered floors have a top layer of wood. A solid hardwood floor consists of one thick wood layer that is glued to the underfloor. Engineered floors can be installed floating and are also suitable for underfloor heating. Oak wood engineered floors combined with underfloor heating have the best price / quality ratio. A beneficial and warm solution!


The strength class of wood indicates what the maximum load is and gives an indication for which structures you can use the wood. The strength of wood is influenced by brushes, grain pattern and the way the wood is dried. The hardness of a wood is expressed in Janka. The durability class of wood deals with wood resistance to (biological) degradation and gives a good indication of the expected life of the wood. There are 5 durability classes, one being very durable and five not very durable. Oak wood falls in grade 2 or 3 (15-25 years), depending on the type of oak. The term 'durability' says something about the quality of the wood and nothing about the price or strength of the wood. For a living room, office or shop floor, strong and durable wood flooring is very important because the floors in these busy spaces are more susceptible to damage and wear. Buying a cheap wooden floor in this situation may force you to replace the floor within a short period of time.

In recent years, the European market is flooded with parquet floors from Asia, mainly China. Parquet from China is often 25-35% cheaper. The low price is due not only to lower wages but also to the way the floors are produced.

The Chinese often assemble their parquet from different oak species that they import worldwide. They regularly use the sapwood and not the hardwood as a topcoat for parquet. Sapwood is the softer wood that is between the bark and the core wood of a tree and is more susceptible to damage and fungi. By producing under high pressure the drying process is often shortened. This causes a variety of problems that drastically reduce the quality of the parquet floor. The beautiful wood drawing in the parquet is often not visible and the strength and durability of the wooden floor is considerably less. Before buying a wooden floor, it is therefore advisable to ask the owner of the wood flooring store about the origin of the wood and to assess the planks yourself by visiting the showroom. The final choice depends on the application and your wishes. Do you have a space where you hardly come or only stay temporarily? Then you can certainly consider buying a cheap wooden floor.

The love for wood and design is great at Uipkes. Therefore, we only provide the best wood from proven sustainable forests in Europe. The wood is dried and processed here in The Netherlands by professionals.

Engineered Oak Wood Floor Fleur


The wider and longer the floorboards and the thicker the wood layer, the more expensive the wooden floor will be per m2. Wide long floorboards are very beautiful in large spaces, such as offices and stately mansions. To create large wooden floorboards, larger trees are required, which will lead to higher production costs. Uipkes can deliver wide planks as much as 38 cm. The advantage of a thick wood layer is that the floor can be sanded and finished after 5 to 10 years, so you can enjoy your wooden floor even longer. This applies to both solid hardwood floors and engineered wooden floors.

Wood Flooring Types and Colors


You can finish a wood floor with oils or lacquer and / or by smoking the wood floor. Finishing a wooden floor is necessary to apply a protective coating. If this does not happen, the wood will contaminate and be influenced by liquids and dirt. Adding a color pigment to the oil makes it possible to 'color' the floorboards. The finishing process takes place in three to seven steps. This explains why one white wooden floor may differ in price from another type of white wood floor. We also give you the option to renovate your staircase and cover your stairs with hardwood treads in the same color finish as your floor to create natural transitions between rooms and floors.

See Uipkes color overview and portfolio for examples of wood flooring.


It is best to buy a wooden floor and leave installation to an experienced parquet layer. Most installation patterns, such as a versailles pattern or herringbone pattern, requires craftsmanship to achieve a great, tight result. The choice of wooden floor including installation obviously affects the total price. The cost of installation of a wooden floor is included in the price per m2 at Uipkes, unlike many other providers of wood flooring.

Besides craftsmanship, good project management for (business) projects is of great importance. Consider an office floor, shop floor or a wooden floor in a monumental building. For these projects, knowledge of legislation and regulations is necessary for the application of building permits. Cooperation and communication with the owner, architect and other construction professionals often plays an important role. The planning and execution of all construction work requires a proper alignment between all parties involved.

Uipkes has over 20 years of experience in successfully managing and executing large business wood flooring projects in Dutch cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. If you want to buy a wooden floor without any worries, visit Uipkes! Contact us for more information.

Herringbone Engineered Wood Flooring in The Hague
Oak Engineered Wooden Floor in The Hague
Chevron Pattern Engineered Oak Floor in the Kitchen


Another important reason why prices show major differences is that providers often do not include the  additional costs in the price per m2. As a result, in some cases, the final price per m2 may be more than 40% higher than initially indicated. So beware and inform yourself about the supplier of the wooden floor.

Consider additional costs like:

  • Underfloor: Sometimes it is necessary to improve the quality of the existing subfloor. Our wooden floors can be laid on virtually all floors. Importantly, the subfloor must be permanently dry, flat, hard, clean and well-bearing. The costs for leveling floors are often not included in the prices offered.
  • Glue costs: pre-strain and glue costs. Uipkes uses the best glue available.
  • Skirting: the costs of MDF or solid skirtings including assembly
  • Installation costs: The cost of installation and on the spot coloring of the floorboards in the color you desire (see also point 6).
  • Maintenance oil and / or cleaner: for maintenance of the wooden floor. At Uipkes you will get these items plus a stylish hygrometer as a gift! The hygrometer allows you to measure the humidity in your house.
  • Pre-inspection: Composition control, moisture rate, flatness, surface subfloor, details about performance, relative humidity.
  • Delivery costs and warranty: Our wooden floor prices include delivery costs throughout the Netherlands and 5 years CBW warranty, without deposit. Depening on your country of residence, these costs might vary. Contact us for more information.
  • VAT: VAT on material and installation costs. All our prices in The Netherlands include VAT.

Maintenance Set Uipkes Wood Flooring

Uipkes Wood Flooring Showoorm Alphen aan den Rijn


Buying a beautiful wooden floor is a sustainable investment that you can enjoy for decades. In addition, you can easily move or refurbish a (floating) wooden floor. If you would like more information about the possibilities and costs of a wooden floor at Uipkes, make a showroom appointment and visit us in Alphen aan den RijnNaarden or Amsterdam for expert advice! Our showrooms are only 30 minutes drive from the major cities of Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.

"Buying a wooden floor is not an easy process. Uipkes Wood Flooring advises you from start to finish so that your wooden floor perfectly matches your needs. "

When you look at the pictures of our wooden floors, you can apply for a completely free quote on the basis of that example floor. You will receive the price quote by e-mail with the total cost of your wooden floor. The final price of the wooden floor depends on your specific (additional) wishes, the results of the preliminary inspection and your country of residence. With Uipkes Wood Flooring you can realize that stylish floor you always wanted!


Here are some examples of wooden floors and the price per m2 including installation and VAT. Would you like to buy a wooden floor based on an example floor? Click on the photo and then click on "Request quotation." You will then receive a free quote by email.

For more examples, you can view all flooring pictures. Want to know more about the possibilities, patterns, prices or colors? Then make an appointment!

Straight Pattern - Nepal White - € 115,00 per m2

Oak Plank Flooring - Colorado White by Uipkes

Straight Pattern - Modern Brown - € 115,00 per m2

Engineered Wood Flooring on Underfloor Heating - Espresso

Straight Pattern - Champagne - € 120,00 per m2

Wood Flooring Straight Pattern - Champagne

Straight Pattern - Blossom White - € 123,00 per m2

Engineered Wood Flooring Blossom White

Straight Pattern - Blossom White - € 123,00 per m2

Oak Plank Flooring Snow White

Herringbone - Romantic White - € 157,00 per m2

Herringbone Floor - Barbizon White

Herringbone - Jet Black - 157,00 per m2

Eiken visgraat

Herringbone - Light Grey - € 157,00 per m2

Eiken visgraat

Herringbone - Champagne - € 157,00 per m2


Chevron Pattern - Coral White - € 179,00 per m2

Hongaarse punt

Chevron Pattern - Noble White - € 203,00 per m2

Hongaarse punt

Versailles Pattern - Noble Grey - € 370,00 per m2

Versailles patroon

End Grain Pattern - Cacao - Price on Request



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