A parquet floor consists of wooden parts in different sizes that can be installed in various patterns. Is your existing parquet floor fully glued to the underfloor? Then it is possible to install your new wooden floor over it. In this case we use a highly elastic adhesive in combination with a engineered floor.


Our wooden floors can be installed on virtually all floors. Each subfloor must be permanently dry, hard, flat, clean and well-bearing.

A wooden floor can only be laid on a parquet floor if it is fully glued to the relevant subfloor. Is this the case? Then you have the choice of the following methods:

If your current parquet floor is a floating floor, it is necessary to remove the floor before installing your new wooden floor.


We would like to advise you about the different installation methods and floor finishes. Do you prefer to do the work yourself? Then look at the different methods of installation for a first impression.