Classic French Oak Wood

Classique French oak is characterized by its yellow brown cognac color. The classic form of French oak has the busiest French oak grain pattern. This means that there are large knots and may also be areas of the heart of the tree to come in the grain pattern of the floorboards. This gives the oak floor an 'old' and exuberant character. Classique French oak is widely used in older homes and farms.

Classic French oak flooring

French oak flooring options

Floors of classique French oak are available in solid wood flooring or parquet. The floorboards are available from 140 mm to 380 mm. The wood floors are available in dozens of colors and various finishes, so we can always construct a floor that suits your needs. The floors are easy to use because they are pretty hard and will not be damaged immediately when used intensively. The floors can be used both in very modern housing in combination with one of the many color finishes or a natural version of a rural atmosphere.

A floor of oak wood is perfect for a combination underfloor heating.

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